Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Anchoress is blown away

One of my daily reads is The Anchoress. This gifted woman is able to weave the threads of daily living together with insights about faith, politics, social trends and just plain fun. On a recent visit to the doctor she got devastating news: she is losing her hearing. It would be an understatement to say she didn't take the news well.

But I was so angry.
And then, I remembered that my sons are both musicians. And I wept.
It’s cruel, too cruel. I’ve appreciated irony all my life. But my sons are both musicians. And I am going deaf.
But God has given her wise children. Readers of her blog don't know all of them, but Buster has got on the keyboard a couple of times when his mom was under the weather. It's fair to say the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. He's not only a good writer, but also seems to have his mother's splash in your face capacity to get someone's attention, like his Mom's.
“Ma, listen,” Buster said, “don’t you remember about Job? Remember how heavy his afflictions were, and how he was tested…”
“Screw Job, I’m not Job,” was my heated response. “I’m not some great model for mankind, here, and there is no greater purpose being served…”
But Buster’s arrow had hit the mark, and by the time I pulled into the parking lot my head was bowed in shame, because I knew better. “I know that everything works to God’s purposes, I know it. ”
When she poured out her heart in a blog post, her readers responded with an avalanche of love and support that let her know how totally blessed she is. This is living life to the fullest at it's delightful best. Go read and enjoy. Don't miss the comments thread. And don't miss the follow-up.

Here is the reason I blog. Just being able to witness this scene ranks right up there with all the great moments that life has to offer. I once saw a sea turtle lay eggs. I have been present for the birth of my children. I have employed the children of employees who were not born when I first met their parents. Together with the parents I watched them grow into adults. I have seen an Asian immigrant start from nothing and realize the American Dream, owning and operating his own business. (Several times, actually, come to think of from Bosnia, another from South America...) This is a good way to start the day...

I think this is gonna be a great Sunday morning.

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