Friday, July 22, 2005

Slow day at Hoots' Place

Hello, reader -- or readers, perhaps.
This morning I don't find anything that floats my boat. Better I don't post than put out something I don't have much excitement about.
I have been reading David Neiwert's blog, Orcinus. He's a pro writer whose books, none of which I have read, incidentally, apparently expand on core themes that appear in the blog. I have just recently started reading him, but so far I very much like what I have found. He puts into words ideas that I have been pondering. This is a pearl dated January 2003:

Let's be clear about this: Democracy is not a sport. We are not rooting for a football team here. Questioning the behavior of our leaders, and declining to support their every action, doesn't make you a traitor.In a democracy, we are best served by having an open and lively debate on the direction we take as a nation.

This does not change in wartime. Indeed, in a war such as this one, where our democratic institutions are being directly challenged by right-wing religious fanatics, it is even more important to preserve the right to speak freely.

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