Thursday, July 07, 2005

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | London explosions: Your accounts

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | London explosions: Your accounts: "There are many fire engines and ambulances rushing past the window of my building. There are a lot of people phoning loved ones to make sure they are ok. Feels a bit like September 11th all over again here.
Amy Hinkley, London"

Many first-hand eyewitness accounts are being posted by the Beeb.


Anonymous said...

John, looks like your friends have struck again.

When will you learn?

Hoots said...

Greetings, visitors.
I decided to leave this first comment because it is from my one and only troll.
Should the population swell, I may tinker with the ecosystem, but until then I regard my troll as something like intestinal flora helping with digestion.