Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Logo watch: Willie Nelson's weed

Starbucks isn't the only logo deriving from a design that might prove embarrassing if folks realized what they were looking at.

The cover art of Countryman, released Tuesday, features green marijuana leaves over a red and yellow background and looks similar to a large pack of rolling papers.
However, for those looking to snap up the CD at Wal-Mart's famously rolled back prices, the cover features a palm tree in place of the offending leaves, a change made by Universal Music Group Nashville out of deference to the retailing giant's strict guidelines with regards to lyrics and packaging.
"They're covering all the bases," Nelson commented to the AP.


[Update March 2006: this link has been getting a few Google search hits lately. It may be because the original link no longer worked. I have updated it with a cached link. Maybe it will remain.]

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