Friday, July 08, 2005

What's in a word? What is the message?

This is to be noted and remembered.

As disturbed as I am by the recent bombings in London, I'm struck by the fact that the mainstream media are referring to the perpetrators of these attacks as "terrorists". For some reason, when Jews in Israel are murdered in the same way, the "T" word is never used.

So how about "extremists", you ask. After all, it's a little extreme to blow up innocent people on buses or in pizza parlors, don't you think?

Sorry, "extremists" is taken. Scan the news reports and you'll find it's not the bombers and beheaders who have been given that label, but Israeli citizens who oppose Sharon's plan to disengage from Gaza.

Until a new word is invented — one, no doubt, expressing even greater sensitivity toward the victimizer — I guess we Jews are left with "militants".


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