Monday, July 18, 2005

Gaza Update

I have added to the Gaza post from the other day. I don't want it to get buried in the archives too soon because it is too important and timely.

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Interesting tidbit.
At least one Jewish settler is ready and willing to give up Israeli citizenship to become legally Palistinian to avoid relocation. This from Haaretz via Jonathan Edelstein.
Jewish settler Avi Farhan, determined not to give up his home overlooking the sea when Israel quits the occupied Gaza Strip, is looking into becoming a Palestinian.
"I have met with Palestinians. I am willing to be a test case for peace and take up Palestinian citizenship," Farhan told Reuters. "It will hurt me to give up my Israeli citizenship, but I want to remain here.
"One Palestinian official suggested he might be allowed to stay in Gaza - home to 1.4 million Palestinians - as long as he obeyed Palestinian laws. Actual citizenship could only be decided on an individual basis and any applicant would have to meet the same conditions as anyone else.

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