Saturday, July 09, 2005

Rhenquist retirement: best comment

Eric at Southern Appeal gets extra points for this summation of the on-again, off-again story of the upcoming retirement of the Chief.

And in other news, you say goodbye and I say hello. Hello. Hello. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.

* * * *
* * *
* *
You say yes, I say no.
You say stop and I say go go go, oh no.
You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello
Hello hello
I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello.
byPaul McCartney
* * * * *
* * *
This from Josh Marshall, Where's Da Lettah?
"A tip from a reporter friend ...
I'm told word among the WH press corps is that Rehnquist has already submitted his letter, but the WH is sitting on it until next week because they want this weekend to be All Terrorism, All the Time.

"Wouldn't surprise me."

Most telling comment: The problem with this All Terror All the Time theory is that the latest attacks...1. Explode the Flypaper Theory...2. Show that the "War on Terror" is not being won ...3. Emphasize the criminal folly of letting bin Laden remain at large in Pakistan.

* * * * *

I guess my post was miss-titled. Oh, well...just trying to connect the dots.

* * * *

Addendum...My friend Catfish has a blog dedicated to memorabilia and entertainment from "back in the day." His knowlege of motion picture trivia is breath-taking. Thursday he found and published a poster from World War II illustrating the power of social pressure in shaping patriotism. In the hands of focused leadership political will becomes very maleable. Today's leaders are just as focused as those of our parents' generation. And they are just as apt to rely on the same tools to keep their constituents in line. Clearly anyone who questions the WOT is skating closer to treason now than this time last year. Hmm. All Terrorism, All the Time. Not bad. It seems to be working. Maybe sitting on the Rhenquist story for one more weekend will nudge the political will more firmly along.

* * * *

Yet another addendum...It seems the Chief has no plans to quit. At least that's what he said after the dust settled. (I do wonder if he bothers to pay attention to the news, his name being bandied about and all that. I'd think he would want to set the record straight before the whole of Washington was trembling with anticipation. Talk about ivory towers!)

I sense something fishy here. What kind of fish? How about red herrings, or mackerels in the sun? (You know, "they shine but they stink.")


vietnamcatfish said...

Hoots, As an investigative reporter you must get your facts straight before publishing. Paul McCartney did pen "Hello, Goodbye" found on the "Tragical, er, Magical Mystery Tour." However, officially it was another Lennon-McCartney collaboration. A minor point but one just the same. I'm wondering how it got past the editor unless, of course, you wear many hats as the proprietor of Hoots Place. P.S. Thanks for helping me write Golden Pond last night. Another hoots-v.c. collaboration allah Lennon-McCartney. P.S.S. In the infancy days of the Fab 4 Paul wanted McCartney-Lennon, but John being older and wiser wouldn't stand for it, thus, Lennon-Mac stood. To serve man, v.c.

Hoots said...

Many thanks for your detailed scrutiny. I stand corrected. In an otherwise incoherent post, I'm glad to know that is the worst point jumping off the page.
Thanks, too, for your encyclopaedic insights on entertainment.
That poster picture(WWII era) you published two days ago about driving alone was an excellent and timely bit. it says a lot about how large populations of people can be led by the nose with proper handling.
Come to think of it, my post here is related...
When I get home I may add a link to your blog to that item. Remind me if I forget.

Steve Dillard (aka Feddie) said...

Actually, that was me (Feddie). I was quoting Erick of RedState in the post. But hey, I am glad you liked it. :)