Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Welcome Anchoress readers!

My, what a happy surprise!
To turn on the computer this morning and discover traffic! Something is up, I figured, and sure enough there was my blog, over at The Anchoress, with the name up in lights and an pile of generous compliments.
I tried to leave a comment, but was apparently not savy enough to make it through the registration thicket, but that's okay. I can do that later.
Meantime, welcome to my little corner. If you find anything you don't like, keep going and look for something you may like better.

(Hmm...an Anchorlanche...Whaddya do next?)

1 comment:

bob (a.) said...

Wow, pretty neat. Hoots, I think we need some kind of blogger motivational cheer, equivalent to the Marines OOH-RAH!