Sunday, July 10, 2005

Word games

Been watching the breezy, chic, very clever (Something has gone seriously awry...with our Birkenstocks) Ann Althouse blog.

Her fertile imagination produced a wonderful post title. Problem is, there is no content to go with it.
Too bad. I think it's a wonderful title, too.
And the comment thread goes on a tear...

[Reader advisory: blue content ahead.]
* * *
Nobody's going to comment on that.
(Ann: Thanks for the conundrum.)

Send it to Jesse Jackson. I bet he'll find a use for it....Don't rub it in.
Makes me think of a trip to the dermatologist...
Hopefully it won't become, "Putting the disappointment in appointment."

[This one I love!] Doesn't Ashcroft anoint himself with oil? You're just 5 1/2 years late.

... maybe it would be a cute slogan for a dermatologist. I was thinking of the Supreme Court appointment(s). Maybe if someone ever acts unctuous. Or if there's some sense of greasing the political wheels. I'm just staking my claim to this title, to be used when somebody does something greasy or oily at some point.

... if the stress of the confirmation hearings causes the nominee to develop a rash....
... you would have been better off by just putting the point in appointment!
... are you expecting a fly in the appointment(s)?

Similar headlines you might want to use in the future:
Putting the lickin in Republican
Putting the romance in necromancy
Putting the penis in happiness
Compassionate conservatism: Putting the warm back in warmonger...
Putting the "oy" in appointment is gonna be more like it . . .
Hey! Arlen Specter, don't be a fly in Sandra Day O'Connor's...

Q...I got to thinking - there is no penis in happiness....Or is that the point?
A...There's not... Next you'll be telling me you can't see the titty in chastity.

You could say someone put the "firm" in confirmation, but you might get sued for sexual harassment ... It sounds like something Clinton might've said...
Ladies and Gentlemen of the press I'd like to introduce my nominee for AG -- she put the firm in confirmation -- Zoe Baird!

Or it could be a "bulking agent" for those who get upset stomach during the arduous confirmation process. Metamucil puts the "firm...."

You can't say "crass" without ass.

I like to think of myself as the kind of optimist who can see the utility in futility. Not that I actually can, but I'm the kind of optimist who can see himself as that kind of optimist even though he isn't. [Huh?]

"If it wasn't for disappointment, I wouldn't have any appointments." -- They Might Be Giants

...and as we descend into the depths...Unprotected sex: putting the risky in frisky.

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