Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mukhtaran follow-up

Bloggers score again. Tom Watson's determination played an important part, I'm sure.

Only a few weeks ago, outside of those who read Kristof, a handful of journo's in the UK press, the progressive Pakistani, and a small handful of bloggers, Mukhtaran Bibi was relatively unknown. Now, she's a cause celebre: her story has been featured on network and cable news, on the major news sites, and in syndicated columns around the world. The news services follow her case daily. Hit Google News or Technorati and the links are legion. [She's also received a bunch of marriage proposals].

Thanks and congratulations are in order. Next time you hear The Stars and Stripes Forever, listen carefully for the piccolo counterpoint in the trio which makes that Sousa march the timeless classic it has become. A single piccolo trills sweetly above all the brass, percussion and winds the band has to offer, and when you hear it you want to cry with happiness. Sometime this weekend that music will play.
Good work, Tom Watson.
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Special find.
Before the sun went down today, I came across a marvelous version of Stars and Stripes Forever played on the uke by 98-year-old Bill Tapia. No piccolo counterpoint in the trio but a joy to hear. Link to MP3 file
HT BoingBoing again.

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