Sunday, January 30, 2005

Discussion of music and worship

Touchstone Magazine supports an excellent online presence as well as a highly-respected print magazine. This week there was a string of essays addressing the general topic "Attractive Worship" which should be required reading for all ministers and "worship leaders," formerly known as "music leaders."

The discussion is trans-generational and trans-denominational, with commentary from several directions. I like this one...

It isn’t just the lack of a fixed order of worship for which the bills are coming due... no, we are witnessing the consequence in my generation of the self-indulgence of our parents. Oh, the irony of being told by the 50-year-old hipster that the introduction of the rock band into Sunday worship was done for our benefit! Um, no, but thanks for trying.

It's easy reading and the pieces are not too long. Read all ten links, starting at the top.
Recommended to anybody who has ever felt squirmy in church.

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