Sunday, January 30, 2005

NewsHog Apologizes

Everyone involved must still be out of breath...I know I am.

A couple of days ago, Instapundit linked to a post at Newshog and we got over 3,500 hits on that post in one day, along with dozens of comments.

I went to the post because Glenn Reyonlds was participating. He dropped off about half way down, and I was ready for the thread to deteriorate into the usual garbage, but it didn't. The host continued to participate, and the level of discourse remained solid. At this writing there are more than eighty entries!

For Sunday morning reading, this was better than the NY Times.

1 comment:

Cernig said...

Thanks for the namecheck, Hoot. I too enjoyed the discussion and I hope you and the other newcomers to reading Newshog will stick around and add their input to other debates.

Regards, Cernig