Sunday, January 09, 2005

Pejman comments on the Bush-Clinton tete-a-tete

I'm sure a lot of people were surprised to see George Bush and Bill Clinton together, no matter what the reason.
Pejman comments on what looks like a growing affection and respect these two men have for each other. It reminded him of a classic account by Chris Matthews of Tip O'Neil's firm rule that after six o'clock Wachington politicians can all be friends. Both posts are worth a read.

I suppose that part of this has to do with the fact that Clinton is no longer running for any kind of office, and that as a former President, he will do what former Presidents do--protect current Presidents from excessive criticism whether they are Democrats or Republicans. Of course Clinton has his own politics and wants to see Democrats elected to the White House, but former Presidents are the closest things that we have to philosopher-kings, and a certain degree of bipartisanship/nonpartisanship is required.

Additionally, I imagine that Clinton remembers all of the times that George Bush the Elder could have taken shots at Clinton during the latter's Presidency and refrained from doing so. The elder Bush has served as the model of tact and discretion and has provided future former Presidents with a template to follow once they leave office ...So the elder Bush's example may have somewhat forced Clinton's hand on this issue, although I am sure that his understanding of the role of the former President is a genuine one.

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