Thursday, January 06, 2005

RLP Story

"Someone gettin' married?"
"Yeah, me and him," Susan said, tilting her head toward the man leaning on the counter. He nodded with a mouth full of cookies and a big smile on his face. At this point I did a very impulsive thing. I opened my mouth and said something without thinking.
"Congratulations! You lookin' for a preacher?"
I have no idea why I would say something like that, and I regretted it immediately. I thought to myself, "What did you say that for, you idiot? You hate doing weddings unless they're for close friends, and you know this wedding is going to be as tacky as they come. The bride will probably stub out her cigarette just before she goes down the aisle. A couple of people will pass out at the reception, and they'll ask you to pray in between line dances."

Go read.
It's short. Gordon Atkinson is a good story teller, and people are finding out.

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