Sunday, January 30, 2005

Proud and justified eloquence

Alaa (The Mesopotamian) has every right to be proud. The first hours of election day have only just passed, but there is a core of citizens who will not permit their country to sink into civil war. May God protect them and give them courage to prevail.

I bow in respect and awe to the men and women of our people who, armed only with faith and hope are going to the polls under the very real threats of being blown to pieces. These are the real braves; not the miserable creatures of hate who are attacking one of the noblest things that has ever happened to us. Have you ever seen anything like this? Iraq will be O.K. with so many brave people, it will certainly O.K.; I can say no more just now; I am just filled with pride and moved beyond words. People are turning up not only under the present threat to polling stations but also under future threats to themselves and their families; yet they are coming, and keep coming. Behold the Iraqi people; now you know their true metal.

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