Monday, January 24, 2005

Safety net for Social Security

Now here's an example of thinking outside the box.
The guy said "I am just spitballing" but who knows? I just read Pejman's piece referring to Gingrich, noting that he was a fountain of ideas [Mr Gingrich has always been a fountain of schemes—some bold (reinventing health care or environmental policy), some small (paying students to take unpopular subjects such as mathematics and science), some nutty (employing the handicapped on space stations or giving laptops to the homeless), but all of them interesting...from The Economist] but you have to admit that thinking is better than NOT thinking...

The government will open ANWR for drilling IF AND ONLY IF Social Security trust fund goes dry and social security is unable to meet 100 percent of its entitlement obligations.

Other than pissing off every dog in the fight (environmentalists, petroleum interests not wanting to either wait or share profits, Indians claiming first rights, and probably a list of others I can't think of off the top of my head) I don't see any problems with the basic idea.

Tip to Matthew.

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