Monday, January 24, 2005

Salting fish in the net

Mr. Dumpling's essay hits the mark. It says exactly what I have been thinking for some time, that as Christians we have an opportunity to reach and influence non-Christians. Moreover, if I understand the Great Commission right, we have an obligation to do so as well. There is no need for me to try to summarize what has already been so well articulated.

...we Christians who surf the Net are digital salt.

He also addresses cocooning, which can be antithetical to evangelism.

I believe that there is always a need for us to have a sanctuary, a place where we can go and be able to put out guard down, a place where we find like minded people, a place where we can be refreshed and equipped for the battles ahead. But if that is the only place we go, it is not a sanctuary, it is a dungeon. For example, I try to visit a mix of blogs, religious and secular. Trough the Christian blogosphere that I feel edified and part of a family. That is where I go to be reinforced, so I can face alternative points of view. But, it is when I visit secular communities or read non-Christian blogs that I have a chance to share my faith, and to test the strength and coherency of my beliefs against those who will not automatically agree with me.

As they say, RTWT.

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Dave said...


Thanks for linking to me again. I am glad that you found something worthwhile in what I wrote. It is a great feeling to know that someone is actually reading what I am writing. I am terribly embarassed that I missed a spelling mistake though!

Anyway. thanks again :-)