Saturday, January 29, 2005

Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant!

From CNN, another one of those left-wing (er, not Fox) MSM voices:

The Department of Health and Human Services said Friday that a third conservative columnist was paid to assist in promoting a Bush administration policy.

Columnist Mike McManus received $10,000 to train marriage counselors as part of the agency's initiative promoting marriage to build strong families, said Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families.

Further down...

Earlier this week, Bush ordered his Cabinet secretaries not to hire columnists to promote administration agendas. The declaration was prompted by reports that [Armstrong] Williams and another columnist, Maggie Gallagher, had been paid by the administration.

So how many other horses got out of the barn before the door closed?

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vietnamcatfish said...

I must admit that I, v.c., was paid by the Bush folks to advance the Republican cause. I received a small pittance compared to the others. I tried to hold out for more but my benefactors cited the low volume of hits on Golden Pond as the primary reason. The above is being disclosed in confidence and I am preparing for the inevitable consequences and retributions. v.c.

P.S. Abe Lincoln was the first Republican President. How many people are aware of this fact. He was followed by Andrew Johnson, the first president to be impeached. For all you trivia buffs, who is the second prez to be impeached? Clues: He hails from Arkansas, is known for his enlarged, er, engaged libido, just recently had a heart attack, and has had numerous flings-the most famous with a young, naive intern-throughout his checkered past.

P.S.S. As a kid I remember the billboreds on the hiways and byways of America: "Impeach Earl Warren." Because most people aren't political scientists, the word "impeached" is misunderstood by most folks.

P.S. ad infinitum: I recently turned on one of my old classmates from Rowdy High to blogs. A P.H.D. living in Boca Raton and teaching at Florida Atlantic [ gotta love the synchronicity ] he had never heard of them. Go figga. He is now intrigued and wants to explore this "new venue." I told him my buddy hoots had turned me on to them. You are a legend in your own mind. Kitty was watching the CNN scroll the other day which claimed that 27% of computer owners access blogs each time they tune in. Come see me on the Pond. Selah! v.c.