Sunday, January 23, 2005

Gotta go to a newsstand (sigh)

I let my Atlantic subscription lapse a couple of years ago. Damn. I guess I'll have to buy one now if I want to read this...

Letting Go of Roe
The Democratic Party's commitment to preserving Roe v. Wade has been deeply unhealthy for abortion rights, for liberalism more generally, and ultimately for American democracy
by Benjamin Wittes

Also in the Jan/Feb issue: "Abortion" A collection of articles from The Atlantic Monthly.

That's the title and tickler from The Atlantic.

No Left Turns says "In the latest issue of The Atlantic (sorry, for subscribers only) Benjamin Wittes argues that the time has come for the Democratic Party to stop defending Roe v. Wade. Part of his argument is that the criticisms conservatives have made against it are not totally off the mark.

After paying homage to conservative criticisms of Roe - legitimacy, etc. - this last part caught my eye:

...a reversal of Roe would on doubt expose a fault line within the GOP that is just as wide--the one separating die-hard pro-lifers from those of us who, while favoring certain restrictions on abortion, see considerable moral and practical problems with an outright ban.

I don't feel so all alone.
Somebody else has problems with an outright ban on abortion. In fact, he cited "moral" along with "practical" in the reasoning. Deborah White is correct. Abortion is the new Prohibition. Perhaps both parties are waking up to that reality.

(I still have moral objections to abortion, principally that it has become a substitute for contraception. Or staying out of the sack altogether. But that's another debate.)

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