Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another good post from The Anchoress

I thought I was finished blogging for today, but I was wrong.
Ran across another piece deserving attention.
Lots of heart. Lots of lateral thinking. Lots of insight. Lots of wisdom.

Opening scene: in the waiting room of a hospital..

But while we waited Buster and I spoke of many things, from school to girls, to his job, to John Paul the Great, to his brother’s serious romance. Back to girls, and to some concerns he has about a few classmates and his generation, in general. In the course of conversation he said, “you know, there is nothing you can learn that a slap across the face won’t teach you faster.”

Turns out, Buster had gotten his face slapped by a girl who completely misunderstood what he was saying.


Buster has embraced the lesson as a metaphor for life, and I think he is on to something. When I remember the awe-struck expression on the face of Cardinal Ratzinger, near the conclusion of the funeral Mass of JPII, when the crowds began to make their feelings heard - when the staggering number of people began to cry out, “Sancto! John Paul the Great,” I believe the Cardinal - ALL of the Cardinals - received a metaphorical face-slap at that moment, a slap which told them that for all of their talking, all of the theories, all of the politicking, they’d better not lose faith with these people, that they’d better go into that conclave leaving their agendas behind, armed only with prayer and a sense of duty.

She's only halfway there.
There is more.
As they say, read it all...

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