Saturday, April 09, 2005

Robert Fulgham update

Back in February (the day before Groundhog Day, to be exact) I linked to a great find by Gerard Van Der Leun (American Digest) telling about the success of Robert (Mr. Kindergarden) Fulgham after he walked away from the US publishing scene and went to Europe, where they worship somewhat differently at the altar of market economics.
>>Sorry about that run-on sentence.>>

Go read that post first before you go on.
And also read the American Digest Link.
I'll wait here...

Well today we get a followup from the same source.
Fulgham is on the web, with new writing.

When I became feeble and infirm, my extended family and the tribe would be honored to care for me. And when I died, they would wrap me in my finest red blanket, carry me some distance from the kraal, and simply leave me to be eaten by wild animals. No fuss, no bother, no problem. The Maasai Way.

It's a short read, and worth the trip.

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