Friday, April 08, 2005

Pictures... GREAT Pictures!

I love Phnom Penh! The energy here is incredible, and the people are so
friendly. Usually I'm careful not to take someone's picture unless I ask
permission first, but here as soon as people saw my camera they wanted to
pose for me.

Some wonderful pictures from Cambodia.
I track this blog as he seems to be all over the world.
Don't know anything about him, but he takes great photos.
Use Function 11 [F-11] to make a larger screen, and the back button, as you click on each image to get the full effect.

Paulo Cohen-Myers, class of 2002, University of Rhode Island, B.S. Summa cum Laude.
More... ("she?" Did I get mixed up? Is Paulo a lass, not a lad? Not that it's important. The work is splendid.)

MORE pictures at the market.

And while you're at it...go on and learn about the infamous killing fields.
Scroll down to the previous post...

One of the most gentle and enthusiastic people I have known is a man from Cambodia who came to America as a refugee in the seventies. Today he is one of the most sought-after suchi chefs in the Southeast.
I recall what Lee Iacoca said after the death of his wife: Once you decide not to commit suicide, the only alternative is optimism. In some way, this response to tragedy is evident in Cambodia.

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Deborah said...

Stunning photos. Thanks for the links to this site.