Thursday, April 07, 2005

Jane Galt on gay marriage

Assymetrical Information (aka Jane Galt) has published the most comprehensive and well-done piece to date regarding the marriage of homosexuals.

And if you find the essay long (even she calls it "A really, really, really long post about gay marriage that does not, in the end, support one side or the other") the comments thread will take the better part of an afternoon to wade through. One wag even wondered in the comments if Jane and (Steven) Den Beste were ever in the same room.

There is no reason to try to post any snips. It's too long, too complicated. This is not soundbites and political positioning. It's real analysis.
A lot of people find that to be tedious. Too much trouble to ingest. You know who you are; the rest of us will keep thinking.

My own view is, as usual, simplistic. For the record, I am old-fashioned enough to find homosexuality immoral. Like all sins, some people will find it disgusting, others will find it tempting, but in the end, since the Bible indicates it is taboo, I have to go by what the Bible suggests. That's not politically correct according to contemporary Progressive thought (isn't that what they call Liberals now?) but so be it. As an opponent of capital punishment and someone whose views on war are equally arcane, I have no problem looking anyone in the face and telling them I don't care if I have a minority view.
I still want to be rich and successful and lead a life of travel and leisure. That puts me into some kind of majority, I think.

Most people I know who get upset over the idea of same-sex marriage are projecting a bad reaction to the whole notion of the very existence of homosexuals. They just can't get past the notion that these people even live in the world. Admiting that gays are able to love and make mutual commitments is more than these opponents can manage.
In the end, the failure of straight people to marry and stay married - that means not getting divorced - together with having the discipline to refrain from having sex outside of matrimony, has done more harm to the integrity of marriage than all the queers on earth.
What "those people" do may tear at the fabric of the institution even more, but the institution was in tatters long before homosexual people decided they wanted it too.
I have known a few gay people in my life, both men and women. As far as I can tell, most of them would be more positive role models, were it not for their same-sex proclivities, than a good many others whose being "straight" didn't help them at all. Come to think of it, I guess I've seen a lot more straight people than fags whom I would consider to be bad role models.

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