Thursday, April 21, 2005

Law School vs Barber College

Barely Legal is a blog by a couple of law school undergrads. They have been comparing law school with other alternatives and toting up the pros and cons. This time the look at barber college.

Risks in Your Profession
Law School: you could ruin someone's life by not filing a piece of paper on time.
Barber College: Rat bite.
Advantage: Barber College. Hair grows back.

Barber College: Boring customers explain mundane details of their life to you while you cut their hair.
Law School: Classmates discuss hypotheticals that could never happen.
Advantage: Barber College. At least the conversations are about reality.

Celebrity You’ll Be Associated With
Barber College: Ice Cube
Law School: Reese Witherspoon
Advantage: Barber College. Ice Cube is, arguably, the better rapper.

How You Advertise Your Business
Barber College: Colorful Moving Pole
Law School: Full page ad in the yellow pages.
Advantage: Barber College. Who uses the phonebook anymore?

Odd Wardrobe Accessory
Law School: Navy Officers Uniform, a la a Few good men and Philadelphia.
Barber College: Apron.
Advantage: Barber College. When you’re in an apron there’s no pressure to do something romantic when you hear “Up Where We Belong.”

What People Don't Understand About Your Profession
Law School: What a tort is.
Barber College: What that jar of blue water with the combs in it is for.
Advantage: Barber College. There's no class called "Jar of Blue Water".

Musical Pastime
Law School: Law Revue
Barber College: Barbershop Quartets
Advantage: Barber College. Changing the words to a song is not talent, it's plaigerism.

Societal Approval, Respect, and Prestige
Law School: Lots of it (outside all the jokes).
Barber College: Basically, the only graduate program for those with a GED.
Advantage: Law School. No mother has ever exclaimed, "My son, the barber"

Uh Oh, it's a 7-1 domination by Barber College, the cinderalla story of the season. Looks like Law School will have to be sent back to the minors. Tune in tomorrow to see how Law School compares against it's next opponent.


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