Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Good press for Scientology

While the religion of Tom Cruise and John Travolta has been getting some tough press in recent days, it's also been lauded by President Bush's brother.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush raised eyebrows among the critics of the sometimes controversial religion recently when he honored Scientology volunteers who helped victims of hurricanes in his state.

Members of the group - which was put in the spotlight this week by the New York Daily News for its alleged anti-homosexual philosophy - were given a "Points of Light Award" as Hurricane Heroes. Scientology volunteers have been high profile at disaster scenes recently, distributing food and water, as well as delivering controversial "touch assist" healings that supposedly help victims through the laying on of hands.

Tip to Deborah White.

I heard some of my conservative Christian peers not only imply, but state flatly, that George Bush was put into office by God.

Is this how God's chosen advances the Great Commission?

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