Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Splitting, stem cells

The Anchoress explains distinctions among various types of stem cell research.

Not all stem cells come from human embryos.
The rest are fair game.

However...since pro-lifers DO support stem cell research, and object only to EMBRYONIC stem cell research, the question is completely disingenuous, as well as condescending, sneaky, specious and FALSE.

Let's do this once more, for the sake of clarity:

Pro-lifers do not object to stem cell research. We applaud the exciting gains being made in the realm of adult-stem cell research. Adult stem cells, which are being harvested from nasal cells, placentas and umbilical cords, fat, hair, skin, etc have already demonstrated remarkable usefulness. I read a story just recently (wish I'd saved it) wherein two women who had been left paralysed via accidents were now walking thanks to stem cells taken from their own nasal cavities. Remarkable and miraculous stuff.

Pro-lifers DO object to EMBRYONIC stem cell research. Believing that an embryo, for all of its potential and fragility, is still a HUMAN being (certainly a being - certainly not vegetable, not wolvine...what shall we call it but HUMAN) we believe that once an embryo has been created it is to be treated with the utmost respect, and not exploited for medical research.

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