Monday, April 18, 2005

Blog Break

I have stuff to do today, so I don't expect to blog much.
Half way through the Symposium I got tired of reading, copying and pasting (see yesterday's post) so I plan to finish later, time and interest allowing.

So far there are two that I like best, in this order:

1. THE 2005 EO SYMPOSIUM (2ND QUARTER) from Revenge of Mr. Dumpling
2. Judeo-Christian Morality in an Ethically Pluralistic Society from @Large

Both of these are outstanding.
This second guy doesn't have any taffic, but he sure has a lot to say. I hope he keeps blogging.

I am encouraged by what I am reading.
Only one or two come right out and argue for external (secular) vs. internal (spiritual) controls.

In the context of pluralism Christians are unique.

We seek to be an example for others, not make an example of others.
In this way we honor the gift of free will.

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Jim said...


I couldn't resist replying to the excellent Mr. Dumpling post you mentioned. In my essay I had avoided the legal issue, fearing the necessary length of the treatment would send readers away. So, even though we won't get extra credit from the Outpost, I've posted "Pluralism Redux: A Reply to Mr. Dumpling," on my site. Let me know your response, and who knows, maybe Dave will trip over my site too!