Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Social Security...getting more insecure

Josh Marshall patiently spells it out...

The Social Security Trust Fund is now at about $1.7 trillion. And President Bush says there's no way that can or will be paid back. But just in his first term he's racked up about two-thirds that much money in new debt. And he'll easily exceed that number in his second term. And that'll amount to maybe a couple trillion dollars that even President Bush concedes will be paid back to all those bond purchasors here and abroad.

If we hadn't gone on President Bush's red ink binge, that would be more than enough cash to pay back all the money owed to the Social Security Administration.

There's a lot more. But I expect minds are pretty much made up by now, so save yourself the trouble. Just join me in some head shaking...

Frankly, I'm getting tired of posting the same old stuff.
How long will it take before enough people catch on?

Yesterday the president had the nerve to stand in front of a cabinet full of bonds in West Virginia containing the records of how FICA taxes have been spent for other purposes than Social Security, and claim that the real problem was a broken system.
He's right, in a sense, since the "system" includes those who claim to be operating it.
But if somebody uses a ball point pen as a chisel, failing in the attempt and destroying the pen in the process, the problem is not with the tool but the dummy who doesn't know any better!
I used an axe as a maul once and cracked the head.
When I took it back to the hardware store, the man looked at me and said, "This is an ax. It isn't supposed to be used as a maul." He didn't give me a refund, either.
I was so embarrassed I never told anyone about it.
How come politicians don't have that capacity for embarrassment?

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Deborah said...

Embarrassment requires conscience, something obviously lacking in our current Preisdent.