Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A church, not a focus group

The legacy of John Paul XXIII gets the spotlight.

Morality. Is. Not. Decided. By. Voting.
Got that? Voting doesn't determine right from wrong.
Need to hear it again? Just because a majority is in favor, it doesn't mean that it's right.

This is short. Go read.

After the threats of Nazis and Communists receded, he was similarly unimpressed by therapeutic Christianity wherein the woman at the well, the cheating tax collector, and the woman caught in adultery do not experience being fully known and moved to righteousness by Jesus. Instead, they encounter him and are simply told they are okay. That Christ is less a savior than the coolest, gentlest guy who ever lived. It might be fun to roll joints with him instead of drinking from his cup of sorrow. His image stands in stark contrast to John Paul's more traditional Jesus bruised for our iniquity and flogged for our sins. For the pope and the rest of us still able to recall this second Jesus, it is not so simple a thing to declare by majority vote that an offense against God is no longer to be so considered. In his stalwart stand, John Paul endeared himself to once suspicious conservative Protestants, some of whom had once declared 'Romanism' to be as great a threat as communism in world affairs.

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