Saturday, June 10, 2006

dimmi -- brand new blogger

Tripped across this link on Cat's comment thread. Only four posts in all, so far. I hope she keeps blogging. This is a good start.

"You made a what?" she asked.

"A replica."

He's seven and he makes replicas.

Lately, we've been teaching him "big" words. Replica isn't one of them, but it could have been. As things come up in conversation, we call him. "HEY B! Wanna learn a new word?" He comes running. Recently I taught him about being facetious, arachnophobia, and triskaidekaphobia. My sister taught him about misnomers and being garrulous. Dad taught him 'superfluous.' He's known confiscate' for a long time.

He's seven, and he uses this stuff in conversation.

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