Sunday, June 18, 2006

Toddlers and today's Dads


In the last twenty-four hours I have come across stories of little kids that are waaay too far ahead.

Henry Schally had a News Hour theme for his party. Picked it himself already!

Steve Dillard at Southern Appeal says his son could name all the Supreme Court Justices at age three.

It was this little exchange by Mark Lynch that set me to thinking about the current crop of toddlers.

A few minutes ago, my 3 year old daughter looked up from the Wiggles and said "what are you blogging about, daddy?"

I said "Iraq." She nodded seriously and then went back to Pirate Dancing.

And I found myself contemplating with horror a world in which three year olds know what "blogging" is.

All I can say is Sheesh!

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