Sunday, June 25, 2006

"Oath Betrayed" by Stephen H. Miles, MD -- reviewed by Andrew Sullivan

I'm not gonna read it. My attitude is already bad enough.

Of the 136 documented deaths of prisoners in detention, Miles found, medical death certificates were often not issued until months or even years after the actual deaths. One prisoner's corpse at Camp Cropper was kept for two weeks before his family or criminal investigators were notified. The body was then left at a local hospital with a certificate attributing death to "sudden brainstem compression." The hospital's own autopsy found that the man had died of a massive blow to the head. Another certificate claimed a 63-year-old prisoner had died of "cardiovascular disease and a buildup of fluid around his heart." According to Miles, no mention was made that the old man had been stripped naked, doused in cold water and kept outside in 40° cold for three days before cardiac arrest.

Another doctor speaks out. And many otherwise patriotic Americans cover their ears more tightly so as not to hear. I had suspicions from the start of this war that we have been allied with some very bad people. For me those suspicions were validated last year.

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