Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mentos & Diet Coke Video at YouTube

Several weeks back the world discovered a wonder of science: if a few ordinary Mentos candy mints are plopped into a carbonated beverage the result is an instantaneous chemical reaction. Five or six dropped into a two-liter bottle can produce an eighteen-foot geyser that blows out most of the contents of the bottle!

There are several videos of this phenomenon, but this latest is the best so far. Just under three minutes and worth every second.


The YouTube link was disabled because it was being used withour copyright permission.
EepyBird.com has the video.
Go there for the link.

(That explains the odd comment below, I suppose. When the Mentos/Doke video was removed something else took its place. I missed it. Oh, well.)


SingingOwl said...

Wow. I'd LOVE to visit that church.

Hoots said...

Blogging is such fun. While I was away all day the YouTube link got replaced by something else. Apparently some kind of church, which makes the comment a little less peculiar.
Hope you come back again sometime.
Link has now been repaired...at least for the time being.