Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dixie Chicks Video

Raymond Ward links to an Amazon video of the Dixie Chicks on Bill Maher's show.

Two performances with an interval of chat inbetween.

I didn't follow the flap abouot their political faux pas in England, but I heard all I wanted. I got it and it didn't particularly bother me. My patriotism is not so fragile that I find entertainers all that threatening...or politicians either, come to think of it.

Maher speaks of "Dixie Chicks two-point-o..." Good line. And if their second song is any indicator they don't seem to be all that, what, repentant?

All in all, I enjoyed the video.

I just figured out that this is not snipped from TV.
This is an episode from an internet show sponsored by Amazon, now in its fourth or fifth production. Just like late-nite TV with a live studio audience. Neat!
They don't have a Bloglines subscription feed so I added a link to the sidebar for my own convenience. Check it out.

Scheduled to appear on the June 22 episode of Amazon Fishbowl: Janet Evanovich (discussing Twelve Sharp)
Frank Coraci and Henry Winkler (discussing
T-Bone Burnett (performing songs from
The True False Identity)
Jim Cramer (making a UPS Special Delivery of
Jim Cramer's Real Money)

Okay, then. Your universe just got bigger.

(Yo, Boortz! You gettin' this? This is how Amazon is selling books...and ideas.)

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