Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flag Burning Redux

Yet another proposal for an anti-flag-burning amendment has gone down. It must be election time...Or maybe the onset of Independence Day causes a lot of politicians to respond to some impulse calculated to stir up patriotic zeal.

Last year about this time I did a post about the issue. Not much has changed, so I'll just link here.

I don't get out much, but I haven't really seen any flag-burning lately. In fact, I don't recall ever personally seeing a flag-burning. Come to think of it the practice seems to be pretty rare. Seems to me there are lots more issues that need attention. There is a lot of discussion of flag-burning going on, but I can't find any actual examples to blog about.

Update, July 2

From Dilbert Blog...

If flag burning becomes illegal, someone is going to start a company that sells flags that are slightly different from American flags – just different enough to be legal to burn. The burnable flags might have 51 stars, or 14 stripes – something like that. The beauty of this concept is that if you got caught burning a real American flag, you could claim it was really just a near-flag. That’s reasonable doubt. No one would ever get convicted.

The thing to remember about freedom is that it’s not given, it’s taken.


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