Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Randy Adams, Katrina evacuee, returns home

Radio blogging tonight. This will take about fifteen minutes so if you're in trouble for time, skip it. But know that if you're in that much trouble for time you are probably someone who needs to slow down and listen to this snip more than anyone.

I almost forgot this great story from last Saturday morning. As an NPR freak listening to Weekend Edition I had a "driveway moment" and had to sit in the truck to hear the end, except it was a "parking deck" moment and I was on the way to work. This morning as I was going to work my wife and I had a couple of distractions and almost forgot a goodbye kiss...but both of us remembered and met one another halfway, each on the way to get the other. It was a good moment. And it made me remember the story of Randy Adams and his wife. I don't want to say anything else, except that Scott Simon is one great journalist. Now go listen.

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