Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Gore movie post -- updated again

Found another take on the Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth.
Updated the May 20 post if anyone is interested...


Peter Matthes said...

I hope Gore changes his mind and decides to run for President in 08. I think a Gore/Edwards ticket would be hard to beat.

vietnamcatfish said...

Another side courtesy of Neal Boortz June 1st edition:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (the NOAA) is best known as the government agency that runs the National Weather Service and forecasts the weather. In addition to that, the NOAA charts and observes changes in the Earth's environment. Then there's also the NHC...the National Hurricane Center. These folks are the ones that go on TV and tell us about hurricanes whenever one is bearing down.

Have you heard? Al Gore has a film out there called "An Inconvenient Truth." This film says that Hurricane Katrina was the fault of global warming .. and that global warming will cause more hurricanes like Katrina.

So what do these two bits of information have to do with each other? Well it seems that some of the top names in the science of hurricanes don't exactly agree with Al Gore's film. That, neighbors, cannot be tolerated.

Chris Landsea is the science and operations officer at the NHC. He says that the Atlantic Basin, where hurricanes are born, is experiencing a natural 25 to 40 year cycle in hurricane intensity. Landsea says that there has "been no change in the number and intensity of Category 4 or 5 hurricanes around the world in the last 15 years."

This, my friends, is blasphemy to the religion of environmentalism. After the big hurricane season we had last year...Katrina, Rita and so on, how dare the leaders of these agencies came right out and say the hurricanes were part of the Earth's natural cycle?

Man-made, preventable global warming is....
a serious threat
something in between

This is not setting well with the eco-radicals. They believe that there is one and only cause of these strong hurricanes, and that cause is, of course, global warming. They also believe that there is one and only one cause of global warming, and that cause is man in general, and the United States in particular.

In order to "protest" the statements of the NOAA and the NHC, the global warming nut jobs are staging a 37-hour protest at the offices of the NOAA in Silver Spring, Maryland today. They're demanding that the weather services stop covering up the link between global warming and hurricanes. And, of course, they're demanding resignations! Demanding resignations, you see, is the sport of the left. Rather than paying some monetary dues to be part of the anti-rational left, you simply demand someone's resignation. Find someone who expresses an opinion with which you do not agree ... and demand their resignation! Bingo! You're in the club!

If you want to get along remember these so-called facts:

Hurricanes are stronger than they have ever been.
Hurricanes are stronger because of one thing. Global warming.
You have no right to deny the existence of global warming.
You have no right to deny the "fact" that global warming is caused by man, and only by man.
You have no right to point out that the sun is actually in a cycle during which it is hotter.
The sun has nothing to do with global warming.
There ... got it? Now you can go in peace, be ignorant and multiply.