Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Anchoress on Clinton

Take time to read this post. Thoughtful, critical, sympathetic and deeply inciteful. Mother Anchoress at her best.

...President Clinton has tiptoed around the tactic of lambasting, sharply criticising or launching a “withering” attack against President Bush, several times. He has simply had the sense to do so tentatively, and discreetly - inserting a sly dig at Davos, a mild remark in Rio. This weekend, bouyed by campaign-trailish coverage and the sort of wonky gasbag-fest we know always energizes him, Clinton simply decided to get off his tippy-toes and step lively.

Some of this was predictable. The extreme left of the Democrat Party has grown into a fuming beast that needs constant feeding as it stomps around its cage, waiting to be unleashed. Because Mrs. Clinton is planning a run at the White House, she and her husband are simply shoveling at them the same Triangulation Kibble they used to feed the left (and the center) in 1991 and 1992 - except that this time the ingredients are reversed: this time Bill Clinton is the Hard Left Outside while Hillary is the Deeply Moderate Center. Same food, different packaging; it is a particularly useful recipe for both Clintons because his “centrist” credentials, and her “leftist” credentials are so firmly in place, that no matter how the ingredients are mixed, the same multitudes are fed, and things even taste the same.


Jim said...

You're right Hoots. This is both great analysis and great writing. And you are a great aggregator. I ought to know, living in "gator" territory. ;->

Hoots said...

Thanks, Jim.
It's a lot more interesting for me to stay just under the radar than sail along with the big winds. (Is that where we get the term "wind-bag"?)

I presume your comment was intended for the other post about the camera man's journal.
My long addendum using the first post was confusing, but it's a miser's way of not having too long a post.

Jim said...

Actually I was talking about the Anchoress, but my comment could just as easily applied to the camera man.

Hoots said...

Anchoress is one of the wisest voices I read with any regularity. In Charismatic terms, she is someone who really seems led by the Spirit.

My notions about the Clintons are mixed, but I still see them as one of the most important, and - let's face it - gifted political phenomena of our time.