Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sunday morning NOLA report

The guys at Interdictor blog are getting some sleep, but bit by bit things seem to be getting back to normal, if seeing "regular" homeless people on the street can be called "normal."

...The only civilians out are the homeless, one of whom you've all seen on the cam day after day -- the guy who set up his little stolen clothes shop on the sidewalk under the Pan Am building. We've got four regulars out there now -- the guy I just mentioned, a drunk who carries a cane and beats on every object he passes, a woman who wears a leather skirt and thinks everyone is a cop and offers herself for arrest, and her man who basically yells at her all day. At least the police aren't bothering them. I hope they can get some professional help, but I'm sure that's unlikely.
Also a very serious email from New York...
...many individuals know the exact locations and WORKING telephone numbers of family members, most of whom are elderly, sickly, starving, and in serious need of medical attention. When able to get through on emergency telephone numbers, a feat not to be taken lightly, they are dismissed or told that dispatch would be sent immediately, yet no one has come, even though calls have been placed for days....I spoke to one such individual, Ms. Lee Livermore, who was still trapped in her home earlier this evening (around 6:00pm EST). Her nephew, living in Michigan, explained to me that she is diabetic, has difficulty moving, and he has been in contact with the coast guard, emergency services, and even the governor's office, yet nothing is being done. Stranded on a 3rd floor apartment, with little food, no sweets, and low blood sugar, her outlook is not promising. This is just one case out of hundreds, probably thousands.
Much, much more...

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