Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wish I'd said that...

Put these under "Duh..."

People are surprised that “fewer bodies are being found”. Recall this was a flood which occurred after the storm had for the most part passed. It wasn’t a flash flood and people are (for the most part) mobile (unlike say trees). Surprise! Most people moved to avoid drowning. Perhaps because most people have legs?

FEMA director Mr Brown is a political appointee whose adminstrative capabilities were not up to the task. Just out of curiosity, who might think that FEMA is not a sinecure/refuge and/or reward for political favors done? It seems to me, if memory serves, the presidency of Andrew Jackson was the first in which egregious crowds of political appointees were put in place after the President moved into Washington. This practice has not lessened in the following 180 years but in fact has gotten systematically worse. So … it seems to me the people looking “dumb” when they complain about this are those who don’t live in the “reality-based” universe and don’t realize that things like “government competence” is rare as hen’s teeth. Bitching about it is like complaining that the ground gets wet when it rains.

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