Monday, September 12, 2005

Presidential image

Via the Aardvark...

I haven't said anything about Katrina since I don't have anything original to say and it's outside the blog's areas of concern. But I thought I would pass along a couple of impressionistic indicators of how Katrina is affecting Arab views of the United States - specifically, of American power.
[Follow the link to see the other cartoon.] online poll currently running on al-Jazeera asks this question: "Have your views of the capabilities of the United States changed after the Katrina hurricane?" With almost 30,000 responses already, 68% say yes and 32% no.
Two cartoons and an unscientific on-line survey hardly count as "evidence", but it's still kind of interesting that the undermining of perceptions of American power is such a prominent theme.

I report. You decide.

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