Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita links

Via Hugh Hewett a list of news and blog links for those tracking Hurricane Rita.
The Houston Chronicle also has good links, including a Rita Blog.

There is a connection between television coverage and public response to just about any event. A priority for officials should be getting TV crews quickly and safely into an area needing attention. If embedded reporters can be incorporated into war plans, I see no reason they should not be included in disaster plans as well. Those in charge may be more interested in covering their butts than showcasing how well they are performing, but that is all the more reason to have reporters on the scene. When somebody in charge has to reprimand reporters for being "stuck on stupid" it reveals an adversarial relationship between the people in charge and reporters. This ought never to happen.

Someone called WSB radio in Atlanta from Australia the day after New Orleans flooded and asked "Where are your amphibious vehicles????"

I wondered that myself. Was flooding and messed up roads a surprise?
Am I missing something?


Pebble said...

"Stuck on Stupid" That's an expression that will just take off!

I know several bloggers in Texas, they ARE NOT posting, anymore.

Fay ~ from "Iraqi In America", had just the best links ever and she put them up before she split... so I put them up. Glad I did, I keep referring back to them. Her husband Mark is a Journalist, so he is staying.

Minnievandad, put up pic's of the boarded up and empty stores, where he and Minnievan mom are, they are stuck, can't leave due to traffic... says many vehicals are stranded on the side of the roads, out of gas.

Hoots said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Attn: other readers,
Pepple Pie has several links that you may want to watch. Also, check Ron Franscell's blog. He's a managing editor at the Beaumont Enterprise. He's covering the hurricane on his blog.