Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mom's advice from Houston

Hint: If you go surfing before a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane hits, make sure:

a. you haven’t been drinking (as in drunk)
b. you don’t have a beer belly
c. you really know how to surf
d. you don’t piss off the ems or cops
e. you don’t do it when everyone in the whole area has been evacuated, so every first responder in the county is coming to your “aid”
f. you keep yelling at everyone as they arrest you and take you away

(In my best Napoleon Dynamite voice) IDIOT!

Mom's LINK via Michelle Malkin

Update Saturday

Looks like Mom and company made it through with no problems. Good report card this morning.

I just got back from riding around my area. (Jones Road, FM 1960, Grant Road) We are so fortunate. My God we are so fortunate.
Downed limbs. Leaves and Pine needles everywhere. Wood fences fallen. But no water accumulation. No roofs missing. (The local DPS office (I think) has some metal roof area gone.)
There are a lot of areas with spotty electricity. We are lucky, we have it.
People are already out and about trying to clean up.
The Salvation Army office nearby my home, has a stacked lot full of people and vehicles ready to respond. It was an amazing site to see all those vehicles in one place and people ready to go
and help, wherever the help is needed.

There are reports of looting. But this is Texas, folks. We don’t cotton too lightly to looters. The police have been out in force. But of course, I loved this report from Blogs of War. The locals took matters in their own hands. Pretty cool.

Ya'll don't be lootin' in Texas, y'heah?

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