Monday, September 26, 2005

Breaking news in Holland

I heard on the radio about trained dolphins armed with stun-guns for the purpose of apprehending suspected terrorists. Under special circumstances, of course.
During the hurricane some of these guys went AWOL and may now pose a threat to surfers or swimmers along the Gulf coast.

Check this out from Holland...

Gewapende dolfijnen ontsnapt door Katrina Gepubliceerd op maandag 26 september 2005 De orkaan Katrina heeft 36 dolfijnen met een ‘license to kill’ bevrijd.
De dieren maken deel uit van het Amerikaanse leger en zouden vermist worden in de Golf van Mexico, zo meldt The Observer.Experts, die de training van walvisachtigen door de Amerikaanse marine hebben bestudeerd, menen dat de dolfijnen een harnas met een verdovingswapens bij zich kunnen dragen.
De marine van de Verenigde Staten bevestigt dat er dolfijnen voor militaire doeleinden getraind zijn, maar wil niet bevestigen dat tientallen van hen ontsnapt zijn.
Het verblijf van dieren aan de kust werd overspoeld en de 36 dolfijnen kwamen in zee terecht. De dolfijnen zijn getraind om terroristen en spionnen te verdoven, zodat ze ondervraagd kunnen worden. Duikers en surfers zouden echter nu ook gevaar kunnen lopen.De vrees bestaat namelijk dat een duiker of surfer - bijvoorbeeld vanwege het feit dat hij wetsuit draagt - per ongeluk aangevallen wordt door één van de ontsnapte dieren. De kans is dan aanwezig dat deze zal verdrinken, omdat er niemand bij is om het slachtoffer direct uit het water te vissen.

No, I don't talk Dutch. But here is the Babel Fish translation...close enough for government work:

Armed dolphins escaped Katrina Published on Monday 26 September 2005 The hurricane Katrina 36 dolphins with ` license to have delivered kill. The animals are part of the American army and vermist will become in the golf of Mexico, thus The Observer communicate. Experts, who have studied the training of walvisachtigen by the American Navy, think that the dolphins can carry a harnas with anaesthesia weapons at itself. The Navy of the United States confirms that dolphins for military aims are trained, but does not want confirm that dozens of them has escaped. The stay of animals to the coast was submerged and the 36 dolphins arrived in sea. The dolphins have been trained terrorists and spionnen, anaesthetise so that they can be questioned. Plungers and surfers however now also danger are able run. Apprehension exists, as it happens, that a plunger or surfer - for example the animals escaped because of the fact that he carries from - accidentally is attacked by one of. The chance is then present that these will drown, because nobody is directly fish the victim from water.

Yep, if one of these guys puts a swimmer/plunger to sleep with a stun-gun, there probably won't be anybody around to keep him or her from drowning.

Blogmistress comments:

I thought of reading just as found oneself. Repugnantly that animals become this way ge - and abused. I have no words....

I don't think she likes the idea of dolphin conscription.
I'm not sure that I do either.


Elsa said...

You are right, I donot like this idea; I love dolphins; they are very intelligent and should not be abused for military aims in this way.

Of course I know that other animals are used for certain purposes. F.i.dogs; but doing it this way is different and not the way it should be, I think.

I hope my English is understandable?

Hoots said...

Your English is excellent. I know plenty of Americans who cannot communicate as clearly as you.

More importantly, thanks for taking an interest in world affairs, and for honoring my blog with a visit and comment.

I don't know what kind of schedule you have when you are on line, but any time you see something of interest here and want to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

When I saw a comment from Holland I immediately thought about something I read following the first hurricane. A report in a British newspaper discussed euthanasia that may have been practiced on some patients at a New Orleans hospital. I linked to another blog by a physician in Washington state who brought it to his readers' attention. His comments and others left at his post made an interesting discussion.

I understand that euthanasia is legal and practiced in Holland. I would be interested in any comments you care to make about euthanasia, either here or at the other post.

Thanks again for visiting.


Elsa said...

Hi Hoots,

Thank you..
Of course there is the time- difference we have, while you are sleeping I am awake and working and the other way around.
I work fm 07.00 till 16.30 every day. In the morning I always have a quick look and sometimes I write a comment. And in the evening at home I can prepare comments which need a little more attention.
This is what I will do about euthanasia, which is really a discussion here in Holland. And of course the difference between ethic and religion etc. Not easy I must say.

Thank you for the link I will read carefully and than try to reply.

Have a nice day.