Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita notes 5:35 am

Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee being interviewed live offers words of calmness, encouragement and support. Experienced politicians always impress me with how litle they can really say and still use a lot of words.
"I feel very comfortable that we are moving in the right direction....The main thing is to help the people who need us most....I don't want to announce any...plans...look for the fuel trucks moving into the area...FEMA is well-aware of it...there will be come alternative plans...continue to evacuate....obviously we are watching Hurricane Rita..."

Yadda, yadda, yadda...
I know it's all important, but give me a break.

Q: [The challenges of congestion on the highways...]

A: "The good news is that when we sound the call to evacuate people did...We at least can say to all the official that they made the call....maybe we would have thought to have a full tank of gas...staging we know how this can work...designate certain gas stations to have enough gas...I think we did a good's a combination of federal and local response...."

Q. [Observations at the airport...]

A. "We have a serious problem...calm when I arrived but was not calm before...airlift was goiing very smoothly....I will say the airport should be operating..."

"...get as many of those TSA screeners in here as soon as possible..."

I guess she is concerned that there may be terrorists among the evacuees.
Who knows?
This is a strange time, indeed.

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