Saturday, September 10, 2005

Risking a lifetime of rejection

It's not socially agreeable to find objections to war.

The bloghost of Netcetera is reading a book that makes reference to dog-training in World War II. The dogs were first screened for "courage," whatever that is, and those who failed were gassed.

...the occasional “canine ‘conscientious objector’” had short shrift: “There was … a convenient method of dealing with the offenders, which, unfortunately, is not available for human beings — an excellent lethal chamber at Battersea.

The reader found this quote "hilarious...Love it!"

Unfortunately...not available for human beings, it says.
To those of us who served as conscientious objectors this line is not amusing. It illustrates, however, part of how public opinion is formed. And it's not pretty.

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