Saturday, September 24, 2005

Comic relief in law school

Russ & Mike are in law school. They keep a blog so they don't go crazy from too much study. Better than binge drinking, but hey, maybe they do that, too. I dunno. Anyway, this is funny...

Yesterday, I was talking to a classmate of mine who happens to be of Asian heritage. She was telling me how she was at a baseball game this summer when Man Soo Lee, White Sox bullpen catcher, took off his catcher's mask and revealed, that he was Asian to the crowd. Some White girl in front of my classmate yelled out, "There's no Chinese people in baseball. Go back to your own country."
My classmate confronted the white girl about her ignorant statement and told her that she was an idiot.

Russ: That white girl is an idiot. She broke the first rule of being white.

Asian Classmate: What rule is that?

Russ: Always look around before you make racist comments.

Other Asian guy in the room with us: Ha. Ha. We do that too.


Mike prepares for the worst. He has a welcome speech for aspiring lawyers to be...
...And if you are one of the "lucky" ones to make it as a partner, are you prepared for that? Are your prepared to go thorough a messy divorce from your formerly loving significant other, and lose most of the stuff you accumulated through your endless toil as an associate? Are you prepared to become a souless bastard who's life revolves around arcane statutes and pain and suffering of others? Are you prepared to look at your daughter's face after you missed her piano recital because "Daddy had to file for another continuance, because Daddy is trying to get as much money from the client as he can before the client realizes he has no case"?
These guys are off to a great start. I have a hunch they are good students. Dummies can't get away with this kind of stuff.

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