Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Abortion factoid

Over the last 20 years, about 10 million female fetuses may have been selectively aborted following ultrasound results in India, suggest Prabhat Jha at the University of Toronto, Canada, and colleagues....
In China, the cultural preference for boys and restrictions on family size are already having effects. Some reports suggest there are 40 million bachelors unable to find brides.

And here at home, the population of individuals with Downs Syndrome is quietly vanishing, as a candidate for Supreme Court Associate Justice gets grilled about his views on abortion.

Am I missing something, or are a lot of people in denial about the reality of widespread abortions? Does anyone seriously believe that judges have the remedy?

Maybe somebody should propose a bill making category five hurricanes illegal. Laws against smoking marijuana and crossing borders seem to be working well. Right?


M. Simon said...

The male/female ratio is thought by some to be mediated by infection in third world countries.

I forget the disease (I'll look it up). Something like hepatitus I think.

It may be that the influence of abortion in comparison is small.

Hoots said...

That would be, uh, good news maybe? There could be a potentially fatal condition more opportunistic to females.
But I do remember a Korean schoolteacher I met once mention infanticide as one of the now unmentionable parts of Asian history. It always struck me as interesting that the 100-day celebration for a new baby was (is?) more important than the day of actual birth. A lot can happen in a hundred days.

M. Simon said...

The disease attacks in the womb. Not fatal for the mother.

I did some searching and couldn't find the link yet.

All in all I think the abortion thing is self correcting. It will tend to produce women more comitted to child raising in the long run.

Since it tends to be more predominate in Left circles, I think it has political advantages as well.

I'm doing my part. Four kids. #2 son on full scholarship at University of Chicago.

I'm also of the opinion that a ban is useless without vagina police. I always offer to be Chief Inspector. That usually shuts down discussion.