Friday, January 13, 2006

Puzzle: Who might this be?

If the Alito nomination had been put to a vote last week the results would have been a straight party-line vote. My guess is that after a week of lacerating Q&A nothing has changed. We'll see soon.
Try to guess who this writer is talking about.

This was written in November, 2002. Over three years ago.
Answer will be in the comments.

Last week, the President's strategy to campaign heavily for Republicans in the midterm elections paid off with the GOP increasing its majority in the House, and recapturing control of the Senate. In addition, the Bush Administration was able to win unanimous Security Council backing for a resolution to disarm Saddam Hussein, one way or another.
Bush had a meeting with a prominent Democrat in the course of the Presidential transition in 2000-2001, after the Florida recount controversy was finally over. The meeting, which was supposed to last for about 45 minutes, went two and a half hours, and stretched through a lunch. Bush and the Democrat got along famously at the meeting. After it was over, the prominent Democrat told staffers that he was charmed by Bush, and was able to connect with him and relate to him more in those two and a half hours than he had been able to relate to another Democrat with whom he had worked for nearly a decade. Additionally, the prominent Democrat said that he found Bush much more intelligent and savvy than he was given credit for, and that if other Democrats didn't come to realize this, they would be outmaneuvered by the new President. The events of last week proved that Democrat right.

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Hoots said...

Pejman was the writer.
Bill Clinton was the Democrat.