Thursday, January 26, 2006

Haleigh Poutre

Another life or death issue in the spotlight.

The Anchoress points to a remarkable post.
This is why blogging is better than other sources of information.

Maxed Our Mama's post is one for everyone's archives. Read it from top to bottom. Especially her first-person, ongoing account of facing death. It is the one door through which we all shall pass.

I haven't written all that much about my physical condition, but it was at one point dire. For many years, I had lost the instinct to breathe. I was not on ventilation, but I breathed to the count. You understand, if I stopped counting, I did not take the next breath? The instinct to do so was just gone. Even I can hardly believe this, because I was unconscious - literally blotto - for part of this time. So who was counting? But it's true, and I have vague memories of the voice telling me to count, and also explaining that I had to change the count when I moved around. I have a very vivid memory of the voice telling me to think about my heartbeat, and to sync it with the count.
No spoilers from me. Just believe it when I tell you her story is not to be missed.

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